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Employees' and equipment location equipment in real time. Plan the use of resources and improve logistics processes.

Measure the actual activity of the staff and be sure that your employees are always there where you need them.

Provide a safe space for your clients and employees. Use notifications to quickly respond to specific situations.


See how we monitored the activity of SCALAR
conference participants

Medical Care Facilities

Theme Parks


In medical care, the speed of response and the quality of services count. Thanks to technology, you can move around easily and get convenient access to location information about your staff, medical equipment and patients who require special care.

Your work environment can be SMART

Good fun without unnecessary risk. Make sure that your staff is always in the right place and ready to pay attention to the needs of your clients.

Accurate real-time information about the location of resources in the warehouse space will allow you to optimize logistics processes and ensure a safe working environment, without the risk of "human error".

Conference Venues

Real-time tracking in the event industry is not only smart resource management during the event, but above all completely new and enhanced experiences for the participants themselves.

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"The idea of implementing the system at Holiday Park Kownaty "Majaland" is above all a matter of security for our juvenile guests. Thanks to technology, we know the exact location of our employees, guaranteeing the visitors adequate safety and unforgettable attractions."

Krzysztof Kacaliński, COO "Majaland"

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